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Hiro Modern Kiridashi Fixed Blade (Blue)
Hiro Modern Kiridashi Fixed Blade (Blue)

Hiro Modern Kiridashi Fixed Blade (Blue)

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The Kiridashi style knife is a traditional wood carving knife from Japan. It is also used as a marking knife, used by almost all the Japanese carpenters, as well as a versatile tool for general use. Translated to English, 'kiridashi' means 'to carve out' in Japanese.

Hiro Kiridashi

Today we bring you the modern kiridashi, unlike traditional kiridashi, this is built to resist natural elements such as H₂O (water). The stainless blade with a sleek molded sheath & ABS handle will not rot or grow mold in the humid area.


  • Overall length: 8.8cm
  • Handle length: 6.8cm
  • Cutting edge length: 2.6cm
  • Blade grind: Chisel grind
  • Blade material: Stainless Steel
  • Handle material: ABS
  • Full Tang
  • Include a molded sheath.
  • Include a neck chain.
  • MSRP: RM69.00

Hiro Kiridashi EDC Malaysia

Hiro Kiridashi

Detailed work such as rounded full handle tang that is normally only found on a premium fixed blade is available.

Hiro Kiridashi

The cutting edge is straight is of chisel grind, so it is very sharp & easy to sharpen as well.

Hiro KiridashiUser can use paracords or the included neck chain and wear it as a neck knife. The knife sheath secures the blade pretty well with a click sound upon closure.

Hiro Kiridashi
If you are looking for a heavy-duty knife to chop & to really survive in the wild, this is not the blade you should buy. However, if you are into small & practical blade that is also lightweight and looks good, this is it. You can even put a keychain around it and it will make a great keychain knife!