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LED Lenser D14.2 (135 Lumens White Light) - Thomas Tools

LED Lenser D14.2 (135 Lumens White Light)

Regular price RM305

  • Length: 6.30 in | 16 cm
  • Weight: 7.76 oz | 220 g
  • Battery Type: 4 x AA
  • Rechargeable: No

  •  1 Set of Batteries
  • Lanyard

Professional divers know that underwater, refraction rules out long ranges. Due to its axial collimator, the LED Lenser D14.2 diving flashlight attains a great strength of focus even at long ranges. Compared to D14, the new D14.2 has a warmer colour spectrum which creates more natural colours when underwater. Thanks to its unique cooling system, unlike many other diving lights, the D14.2 flashlight can also be operated on land. Its beam distance when out of water is 200 meters and lasts around 15 hours on the lowest setting and also at a diving depth of up to 60m. Special magnetic parts allow for switch activation without corrosion on mechanical parts. This amazing, professional LED Lenser dive torch is ideal for divers, snorkeling enthusiasts or anyone looking for a high brightness compact underwater torch.