Suehiro CERAX Stone #5000
Suehiro CERAX Stone #5000
Suehiro CERAX Stone #5000
Suehiro CERAX Stone #5000

Suehiro CERAX Stone #5000

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CERAX series has a broad range of products from super fine finishing whetstones to coarse, medium whetstones. The products of this series are suitable not just for professionals but also for household users who want to pursue higher quality in sharpening. CERAX can be used to sharpen various kinds of blades including kitchen knives, carpenter’s tools, hatchets, and other knives.

CERAX 5050 Finishing Whetstone (Includes a rubber frame and Nagura whetstone) 
Size 1, grit 5000 finishing whetstone with a rubber frame providing a comfortable feeling of sharpening and satisfied result. Suitable for various kinds of blades from stainless steel to steel blades including longer knives.

※Whetstone cleaning stone is included.



  • Product No. 5050
  • Finishing Whetstone grit #5000(WA / C)
  • Whetstone Size 205×73×23mm
  • Package Size 273×105×53mm
  • Appr. 980g
  • Made in Japan


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