TT Flight Tag (Mallard)

TT Flight Tag (Mallard)

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TT Flight Tag is a travel-themed keychain based on the "Remove Before Flight" tag.

Originally, the red "Remove Before Flight" tags are usually attached to an aircraft protective device that needed to be taken off before a flight.

Photo Credit:
(Photo credit: The Modelling News)



  • Glow in the dark stitching
  • Have a knife day! (Front Stitching)
  • Thomas Tools (Back Stitching)
  • Dimension: 13.0 cm x 3.0 cm



  • Use it as a keychain.
  • Use it to find your gear quickly in the dark.
  • Use it to remind you to remove your gear before a flight.
  • Limited units available.


*This photo is taken right after the TT Flight Tags are exposed to a light source.

"Attach this flight tag to you valuable 'tools', so that you will remember to remove it before a flight. Save the heartache of your 'tools' being taken"