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Kershaw Funxion EMT Review

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KAI Malaysia

Kershaw was founded in 1974 and a member of
Kai Group Japan. Search your granddad’s cutlery or tool drawers and you’d might find one of the Kai knives dating back from 1970 beside that old rusty Okapi from Germany. For over 100 years, Kai has been one of Japan’s familiar blade producers.
Kershaw 8100EMT Thomas Tools
Kershaw declared its fame via a sturdy lockup and innovative design which could be reflected in the Funxtion EMT model.
The Kershaw Funxtion EMT is made outside of US by this Oregon based company. If you are an avid participant of knives forums, you’ll find that most US based forum members are patriotically more inclined towards knives which are domestically made to support its industry. That and probably other notable reasons.
But having that in mind, Kershaw Funxtion EMT does feel comfortable in hand, and with a lot of thoughts put in its production and design. Purpose made to be used as companion of Emergency Medical Technicians and first responders; you’d only hope that the members of the local police force will have one handy on their utility belt.
The Kershaw Funxtion EMT is equipped with Kershaw’s Speed Safe assisted-blade-opening for faster response time. Some likes it and some finds it a bit funky for the blade to pop out like that but as first responders time factor is always the essence. The knife is designed to be effortlessly deployed wearing gloves using the flipper. Not without safety in mind, the knife main blade will lock up as soon as the built-in carabineer is deployed making it safe to hang it on your belt loop.
Kershaw 8100EMT Thomas Tools
Equipped with a combo edge of plain and serrated edge are almost the common characteristics of rescue folders. This is because if the blade is slightly dulled, you’ll find that the serrated part will normally still bite when you use it on ropes and webbings such as safety belts. The blade is 8cr13Mov with black oxide coating with a good length of cutting edge of 3 inch (7.62cm). The blade steel bears almost the same characteristics as the popular AUS-8 Japanese Steel version. The Kershaw Funxion EMT OAL is 7 ¼ inch (18.4cm)
Kershaw 8100EMT Thomas Tools
As a plus tool, the knife still has a special rope cutter nicely tugged on its back. The same tool bears a bottle opener, a hex wrench and a flat screwdriver tip. A carbide glass breaker being an essential part of rescue knives are also equipped on the pivot end of the knife.
Pro :
  • Solid build. Weighs at 4.8 oz comfortable to be used with the glass breaker.

  • 8cr13mov steel holds the edge considerably well. Black oxidation blade suggests less worry of rusting.

  • Solid lock. Very small side play on the test unit almost unnoticeable.

  • Fast deployment. A bit funky-ish but good feature for a rescue knife and very glove friendly.

  • Clip is solid and pants friendly.

Cons :

  • No option for clip customization to tip up carry or switching the orientation.

  • Ambidextrous thumb studs are closer to handle making it a bit harder to open.

  • Equipped with hex wrench instead of oxygen wrench.


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