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TT Logo GITD RE Patch (Limited Production)TT Logo GITD RE Patch (Limited Production)
TT Light-duty Carabiner (3 Versions)TT Light-duty Carabiner (3 Versions)
TT Light-duty Carabiner (3 Versions)
Sale priceFrom RM5.00

7 colors available

TT Numbers RE Patch (Limited Production)TT Numbers RE Patch (Limited Production)
TT Numbers RE Patch (Limited Production)
Sale priceRM4.90 Regular priceRM10.00
TT Velcro Topo Flight Tag (Limited Production)TT Velcro Topo Flight Tag (Limited Production)
TT Velcro Topo Flight Tag (Limited Production)
Sale priceRM10.00 Regular priceRM20.00
EDC Malaysia T-Shirt 2022EDC Malaysia T-Shirt 2022
EDC Malaysia T-Shirt 2022
Sale priceRM42.00
NK Outdoor Foldable Camping Chair (4 Versions)NK Outdoor Foldable Camping Chair (4 Versions)
TT SAK Tag (Limited Production)TT SAK Tag (Limited Production)
TT SAK Tag (Limited Production)
Sale priceRM10.00 Regular priceRM20.00
TT Durian RE Patch/Keychain (Limited Production)TT Durian RE Patch/Keychain (Limited Production)
TT Durian RE Patch/Keychain (Limited Production)
Sale priceFrom RM10.00 Regular priceRM20.00
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TT RE Patch (Limited Edition)TT RE Patch (Limited Edition)
TT RE Patch (Limited Edition)
Sale priceFrom RM10.00
TT Adventure Time Patch (Limited Production)TT Adventure Time Patch (Limited Production)
Field Sharp Knife SharpenerField Sharp Knife Sharpener
Field Sharp Knife Sharpener
Sale priceRM9.00 Regular priceRM15.00
TT Knife Day Morale Patch (Limited Production)TT Knife Day Morale Patch (Limited Production)
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EDC Malaysia 2023 Patch (Limited Edition)EDC Malaysia 2023 Patch (Limited Edition)
Sold out
TT Thin Blue Line Tactical PatchTT Thin Blue Line Tactical Patch
TT Prepper Patch (Limited Production)TT Prepper Patch (Limited Production)
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nifeguyk Leather EDC Wallet (3 Versions)nifeguyk Leather EDC Wallet (3 Versions)
nifeguyk Leather EDC Wallet (3 Versions)
Sale priceRM70.00

3 colors available

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nifeguyk Folding Knife Leather Holster with Clip (3 Versions)nifeguyk Folding Knife Leather Holster with Clip (3 Versions)
TT Friday EDC Patch (Limited Production)TT Friday EDC Patch (Limited Production)
TT Sakturday EDC Patch (Limited Production)TT Sakturday EDC Patch (Limited Production)
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TT Flight Tag (Retro)TT Flight Tag (Retro)
TT Flight Tag (Retro)
Sale priceRM10.00 Regular priceRM20.00
TT Penguin EDC Coin (Limited Production)TT Penguin EDC Coin (Limited Production)
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nifeguyk "EDC Trooper" Patch (Limited Production)nifeguyk "EDC Trooper" Patch (Limited Production)
TT Vaccine Tactical Patch (Limited Production)TT Vaccine Tactical Patch (Limited Production)
TT Aichmomania Graphic T-ShirtTT Aichmomania Graphic T-Shirt
TT Aichmomania Graphic T-Shirt
Sale priceRM59.00 Regular priceRM89.00
nifeguyk "EDC Is My Way" Patch (Limited Production)nifeguyk "EDC Is My Way" Patch (Limited Production)
nifeguyk Anatomy Series T-Shirt (Multitool USA)nifeguyk Anatomy Series T-Shirt (Multitool USA)
TT Pocket Sharp EDC Keychain Safety KnifeTT Pocket Sharp EDC Keychain Safety Knife
nifeguyk Anatomy Series T-Shirt (Folding Knife)nifeguyk Anatomy Series T-Shirt (Folding Knife)
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UFT Ultimate Firesteel M (Ferrocerium Rod)UFT Ultimate Firesteel M (Ferrocerium Rod)
UFT Ultimate Firesteel XL (Ferrocerium Rod)UFT Ultimate Firesteel XL (Ferrocerium Rod)

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