Sharpal 5-in-1 Knife & Hook Sharpener Sharpal 5-in-1 Knife & Hook Sharpener
Sharpal 5-in-1 Knife & Hook Sharpener RM69
SHARPAL 5-In-1 Knife & Hook Sharpener features pre-set crossed carbides for quick edge setting and ceramic stones for fine honing. Multi-groove sharpening stone is designed to sharpen fishhooks of various sizes. It comes with rubber over-molded body and feet for safe and comfortable grip. In addition, integrated compass, built-in rust-proof line cutter make it an essential tool for the avid angler or outdoorsman’s use. Features: Dimensions: 3" x 2.5" x 0.5" Tungsten carbide blades for quick edge setting Ceramic rods for fine honing Multi-groove sharpening stone for fishhooks and pointed tools Built-in rust-proof line cutter Integrated compass for directional travel Preset optimal sharpening angle Rubber coated black and orange body and feet for secure grip Built-in lanyard hole See in the official website:
Sharpal Sharpening Steel Sharpal Sharpening Steel
Sharpal Sharpening Steel RM55
SHARPAL 9" Sharpening Steel can hone and realign your knife edge quickly and easily. Unlike a knife “sharpener”, a honing steel is used by professionals after each use to roll the edge back to its original position and keep it at the ideal angle for maximum sharpness. A built-in hole use for hanging and oversized handguard for your safety.   Features: Hones and realigns the cutting edge Magnetic steel attracts metal fibers Slip-resistant plastic handle Oversized hand guard for safety Built-in hole for hanging Regular use extends the life of your cutlery Dimendions: 13.66" L x 2.01" W x 1.85" H See in the official website:

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