Project #1 (31/3/2017): Collected RM300 for Penang Animal Welfare Society (4Paws)

  1. Gave animal food such as kibbles, canned food, rice and chicken meat. 
  2. Veterinary bill to rescue, spay & neuter animals.

Back stories:

Proof of payment:


A few Ringgit might not be able to change the world, but if properly used, their world has changed. Please consider donating directly to them. Learn more about 4Paws here. You can help by giving food or skills too!

Thank you for supporting us. You can help with the project by buying our knife cleaning cloth (RM8). It is really an effective cloth for wiping dirt off your blade too! 100% of the RM8 will go to the next charity project. Click HERE to help.

"No one has ever gone poor by giving."

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