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Cold Steel Balicki Stick

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Guru Ron Balicki is known worldwide for his vast knowledge of Filipino Martial Arts, Thai Boxing, Boxe Française, Silat, Shootfighting, and Degerberg Mixed Martial Arts, as well as being the founder and chief instructor of MARS (Martial Arts Research Systems), overseeing 2000 MARS instructors and students globally. Cold Steel's President, Lynn C. Thompson, has been Ron’s private student and training partner for 20 years!  Proudly introduced his favorite, the Balicki Stick, a slimmer, shorter, and substantially lighter than standard Escrima Stick, ideal for those prefer speed and agility. It is made from high impact virgin Polypropylene and has a subtle wood grain finish. Ron’s name is featured in brilliant silver and there are silver bands at each end for visibility and style. It’s a must have training stick for anyone interested in the Filipino Martial Arts.


  • Weight: 9.8 oz
  • Thickness: 9/10" 
  • Steel/Material: Polypropylene
  • Overall: 28"


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